Living Beautifully `a la Maison… Decorating with Framed Art

bistro artwork

Framed artwork has the ability to immediately draw attention to a focal point/wall; add personality and infuse warmth in any room.  Here are some creative suggestions to consider when selecting and placing artwork in your home:

 Herbal prints

  • Bring the outdoors in with artwork inspired by nature. Paintings of trees, botanicals and landscapes can add beauty, warmth and a natural element.
  • Use art to add a needed splash of color to a neutral space, and serve as inspiration for other coordinating accessories for the room.
  • Prevent a blank wall from looking barren by filling it with a collection of small coordinating prints.
  • Use a group of framed prints, placed in a grid pattern, to act as a headboard behind a bed.
  • A single large scale piece of art can be a dramatic solution for an entire blank wall.
  • Have a piece of art that you love, but it just doesn’t fill the space the way you’d like? Pair it with smaller paintings to create a grouping with more visual weight.
  • Make seasonal changes to your artwork… bringing richer, warmer paintings for fall and winter – then switch out with brighter airy works or botanicals for warmer weather.

art work birch

 Most of all – choose what you love… Art should be something that brings you happiness whenever you look at it!

still life painting