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Our Favorite Things… Rustic Wood Slat Tray

Love these large wood slat trays – the warmth the reclaimed wood and texture of the wooden slats amps up the style factor of this service tray.  Whether adorning a large dining able (put this piece under your centerpiece or fill it with candles for an eye-catching centerpiece); or hang it on wall with a great wall accent.


Hang it horizontally over your mantel or vertically on the wall. A great look alone or fill it with branches, stems or decor that you can change out through the seasons.


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Transitioning Your Home to Fall (Part 2)

Fall is officially here, so take a few moments to appreciate the beauty of the season and how you might bring that rich warmth inside your home.  Here are a few ideas to get your started:

Decorate with nature. Gourds, apples, pomegranates, pumpkins, dried leaves and fall flowers like mums – whether fresh or faux, are easy to find –are everywhere right now. Shop farmers markets, craft stores, groceries and even your own backyard for great fall décor.


Bring out your favorite throw blanket. Nothing is more inviting than a beautiful throw draped over a sofa or your favorite chair.  Keep extras handy and on display by folding and stacking on a bench in your family room for guests to enjoy on movie night.

 Garden Planters and Urns.  Bring the outdoors in by filling garden planters and urns with branches and dried flowers and placing a pair of them on either side of your mantel or by the front door.  Smaller urns filled with fruit or gourds can be put atop a side table or used as a dramatic dining table centerpiece.

Candles & Candlesticks.  Candles add ambiance to any room, so have plenty of candles on hand for when the days get shorter.  Candlesticks made of iron, reclaimed wood and bronze are timeless, and mix in with almost any decor.

Change out table linens and dinnerware.  Bring fall color into your tablescape by replacing lighter summer table linens and dishes with richly colored placemats, tablecloths, dinnerware and pottery in tones of gold, bronze, rust, and eggplant.

Don’t forget your powder room.  Adding beautiful fall guest towels, a fall scented candle and a small fall floral arrangement is a nice seasonal touch to welcome guests.


Enjoy your kitchen again. Now that cooler weather is here, there’s nothing more satisfying than reuniting with your kitchen and filling the room with the delicious scent dinner cooking on the stove. Nothing says fall like a comforting pot of soup, a hardy stew or chili.  Relax and savor the opportunity to enjoy indoor cooking again!

 Your favorite slippers. As the weather cools, one of the best things to come home to is your favorite pair of slippers. You’ve worked hard getting your house dressed for fall, so why not treat yourself to a new pair for a job well done!


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Our Favorite Things… Fall Inspired Floral Arrangements

As much as I love summer, each year by late August I’m ready and excited for fall. If you are an early morning person as I am, you can feel a change in the early morning air – there is a crisp coolness that wasn’t there a week ago. Even with the day’s still heating up in the summer sun – the morning gives a taste of what’s to come.

One of my favorite ways to bring the warmth of fall into into my decor projects is with fall florals and branches. The rich color adads instant impact and warmth.

Love the blend of the reclaimed wood pedestal, the turquoise of the vintage clock and warmth of the fall colored florals and branches.




I’m crazy about rust colored peonies, and reach for them time and again in my seasonal floral arranging.

Seriously, who doesn’t love the look of fall?.. Stunning color both inside and out!

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Our Favorite Things… Floral Accents

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are so many ways to bring floral accents into your home…

How about a centerpiece or wall art to add a pop of color and a floral touch?





Faux floral arrangements are terrific, whether sitting on table or hung on a wall!









Or in your fabrics and textiles… Imagine these as an area rug, upholstered chair, curtail, table runner of pillow – oh what they can do for a room!





Whether your style is traditional, rustic farmhouse or contemporary, try adding a few floral accents to your family room, kitchen, bath or bedroom to bring in a pop of color, natural elegance and a bit of softness to your room.

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Vintage Clock Takes Center Stage

Oh this beautiful vintage look clock – how I love it! We first used it in staging the Harrington Homes model, but it’s so versatile – it would be gorgeous in any room.

Below takes center stage in a couple of mantel redo’s:



Timeless style… or should I say “timely” style?!

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Repurposing Mantels… Again!

A couple of the mantels from our store have found new homes in our home.

This mantel has moved 4 times, it was originally an oak mantel removed from our old house. It was then repurposed and moved to our store where we used it for product displays and mantel decorating demos. It has now been retired and moved to our master bedroom where it perfectly fills a blank wall between two windows.


Whether you we add a the gas fireplace or not, this mantel is a great addition to a very plain wall.

Our guest bedroom was the recipient of a beautiful mantel from our downtown store. You may remember from a post a couple of years ago that my husband, Tom, had carefully crafted this large mantel from parts of exterior window trim from an old church. I was thrilled with this project and it was a great focal point from our downtown store.

These pieces became the mantel at our store.

This mantel has been reclaimed again and repurposed into a beautiful head board in our guest bedroom – which just happens to be the perfect size for a queen-size bed.



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Living Beautifully… Simple & Elegant Accessories for the Dining Room

The dining room in the year’s Parade House was dressed simply in cream and silver with a few organic touches to soften the room.

The centerpiece, a sleek trio of silver & glass hurricanes are quite contemporary, so a bit of moss was added to soft the look.


Our abundant floral arrangement of faux branches set in acrylic water will last forever; and catches your eye as soon as you enter the room.


Beaded cream pottery set on a silvered rattan placemat have a bit of a relaxed feel with a folded gray napkin and a single fern leaf.

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Parade of Homes… Accessorizing the Kitchen

This year’s Parade of Homes kitchen was a show stopper with a blend of sleek contemporary white cabinets, white quartz countertops and a reclaimed wood tray ceiling – together they bring in the perfect blend of contemporary style and rustic chic.

The open shelving in the kitchen had beautiful live-edge black walnut shelves and was the perfect location to stage as an wine bar and entertaining area.



Rustic wine stoppers, wood chargers, greenery and wired glass jars were mixed with glassware warm up the space and bring in an organic feel.

We were thrilled to have a special guest admiring our work… Mariel Hemingway, 2016 spokesperson for Cambria, stopped by for a peak at the kitchen and the stunning Cambria quartz countertops.

The dinette off the kitchen dressed is dressed with mix of organic touches, along with our fun black and white polka dot pottery.


Black & white Fouta kitchen towels take the place of napkins in our tablescape.


Our centerpiece is simple with just a trio of potted greenery and a simple green apple for a pop of color.

Green apples were used in various places through out the kitchen to tie in the bright green accent color of the main living are of the house.




Another quick and easy organic arrangement – just a few ramekins with potted moss sitting on our marble cheese board add an earthy touch.


This a certainly a kitchen that I think anyone would love to come home to!