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Quick Styling for a Wooden Tray

Wooden Tray are not only useful, but also a great staging tool.  Here are some quick and easy styling tips to dress them up…

tray with succulents

1) Think in odd numbers – Three decorative items are perfect. 2) Pick items that are different heights. 3) Add something green – plants & succulents are very popular right now and will add an organic element to the room.

dining room 11

Your newly styled tray will look great on a cocktail table, buffet, or dresser!


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Living Beautifully… Architectural Medallions

Architectural accents are a great option for adding old world charm to your space.  The detail and texture of our cast medallions  will add instant warmth and elegance to your home.

Park Hill Medallion

Hanging them in a grouping of varied sizes, or combining them with more contemporary accessories, will add interest and a bit of sophistication to any room.

Park Hill Oval Medallion

I love them hung in a garden or sunroom filled with plants and flowers too – so elegant!

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New Industrial High Top Table

Sneak a touch of industrial style into your home with this great little high top table. The perfect accent for your family room, kitchen or game room. It’s compact and a great piece to have for home entertaining. Find it in our Baldwinsville and Fayetteville, New York stores.


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Mantel Redo… Bring Summer Inside with a Garden Inspired Mantel Redo

Bring the garden look inside with a summer mantel redo. We’ve got great home & garden accessories for inside and outside. Bring in garden statues, lanterns, iron and architectural embellishments to add warmth and a touch of nature to your fireplace mantel.

No fireplace?… How about creating this same look over a hall and family room console?



Living Beautifully `a la Maison… Decorating with Framed Art

bistro artwork

Framed artwork has the ability to immediately draw attention to a focal point/wall; add personality and infuse warmth in any room.  Here are some creative suggestions to consider when selecting and placing artwork in your home:

 Herbal prints

  • Bring the outdoors in with artwork inspired by nature. Paintings of trees, botanicals and landscapes can add beauty, warmth and a natural element.
  • Use art to add a needed splash of color to a neutral space, and serve as inspiration for other coordinating accessories for the room.
  • Prevent a blank wall from looking barren by filling it with a collection of small coordinating prints.
  • Use a group of framed prints, placed in a grid pattern, to act as a headboard behind a bed.
  • A single large scale piece of art can be a dramatic solution for an entire blank wall.
  • Have a piece of art that you love, but it just doesn’t fill the space the way you’d like? Pair it with smaller paintings to create a grouping with more visual weight.
  • Make seasonal changes to your artwork… bringing richer, warmer paintings for fall and winter – then switch out with brighter airy works or botanicals for warmer weather.

art work birch

 Most of all – choose what you love… Art should be something that brings you happiness whenever you look at it!

still life painting