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New Tricks for Serving Trays

spring branches purple

When it comes to versatility and adding value to your home, you can’t go wrong with investing in a nice wooden tray.  Trays are a hard working home accessory – a great option for organizing kitchen counters, consoles and dressers; and a must-have for the buffet table and home entertaining.

reclaimed slat wood tray 3

Let’s not overlook their great decorative value as well.  Trays can add texture and impact to ottomans, cocktail tables and beneath centerpieces – a really detailed tray needs no adornment and can be centerpiece unto itself.

I love this reclaimed slat wood tray for its great texture and large scale – it’s a multi-function piece that I use all over the house throughout the year.  As a centerpiece this tray’s substantial size fills a long dining table with ease.

reclaimed slat wood tray

reclaimed slat tray with flowers

Don’t limit your tray to horizontal use – I’m quite fond of it hang this one on my front door or a blank wall, changing the greenery with the seasons.

reclaimed slat tray door accent

reclaimed slat tray door accent full

It also works great to brighten a blank corner near the staircase.

reclaimed slat tray corner

New or old, you can’t go wrong with a great tray for a little decorating inspiration!


9 thoughts on “New Tricks for Serving Trays”

  1. Hi! I would love to purchase one of these trays! I had one and it broke, and can’t find them anymore! Please let me know if you have one available for sale. Thank you!!

      1. Hi! Not sure if you got my previous reply. I am in California, Very interested in the tray!! Thanks!!

      2. Marty, my apologies. I did not see your message yesterday. I need to check as I think that last one may have sold. I’ll check inventory to be sure and get back to you.

    1. Marta, also if you’d like to call me to discuss, you can reach us at 315-440-6637. I’m fine with texting too. I’ve been swamped with design appts so I haven’t been in the boutique as much the past few weeks. I always have my phone with me. Thx.

      1. Hi! Is the tray still available? I’m so sorry it has taken so long to get back to you! can you email me if it is. Thank you!!!

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