Favorite Things… Quiet Day of Floral Arranging

It’s positively frigid outside here in Central New York!   The temperature is 17 degrees, but the windchill makes it feel like 0 degrees.  I promised myself to not leave the house and spend the entire day in my home studio doing some pricing and my favorite task… creating some new floral and plant arrangements.

Nothing is more relaxing – hours pleasantly drift by as I work away on my creations.  It’s so peaceful!

floral work 1

floral work 3

Red seemed to be a common thread in my ordering for the store this spring.  I started with beautiful Le Cadeaux dinnerware in a pretty red pattern, then followed with several red linen napkins and towels…

La Cadeaux half wall

I think these arrangements with red kalanchoe will fit in quite nicely!

floral work trio

floral work reds

floral work red flowers in whitepot

It may be cold outside, but it’s looking like spring in here… and I am ready!!!

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