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Repurposing Mantels… Again!

A couple of the mantels from our store have found new homes in our home.

This mantel has moved 4 times, it was originally an oak mantel removed from our old house. It was then repurposed and moved to our store where we used it for product displays and mantel decorating demos. It has now been retired and moved to our master bedroom where it perfectly fills a blank wall between two windows.


Whether you we add a the gas fireplace or not, this mantel is a great addition to a very plain wall.

Our guest bedroom was the recipient of a beautiful mantel from our downtown store. You may remember from a post a couple of years ago that my husband, Tom, had carefully crafted this large mantel from parts of exterior window trim from an old church. I was thrilled with this project and it was a great focal point from our downtown store.

These pieces became the mantel at our store.

This mantel has been reclaimed again and repurposed into a beautiful head board in our guest bedroom – which just happens to be the perfect size for a queen-size bed.



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