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Cooking Healthfully with Napa Valley Naturals Grapeseed Oil


Napa Valley Naturals Grapeseed Oil is made from the seeds of grapes that have been crushed to make wine. This product supports environmental sustainability as it requires no new farmland, water or other natural resources to produce.

Chef’s Choice: Not only ecologically responsible, Grapeseed Oil is also a very healthy choice and the ultimate everyday cooking and condiment oil. Many chefs reach to it for its light taste as it won’t overpower the flavor of food; while its high smoke point (485 degrees/F), lets you fry, bake or sauté without smoking or burning. Its delicate flavor is the perfect choice for light salad dressings and a healthy alternative to butter, margarine, and other saturated fats.

Cooking Healthfully: Also, Grapeseed Oil is an excellent source of Vitamin E, an important antioxidant, and offers one of the highest concentrations of heart healthy mono and poly-unsaturated fats of any vegetable oil. If that isn’t enough, Grapeseed Oil has one of the lowest saturated fat levels of ANY oil.

Grapeseed Oil sits front and center in my pantry – right next to my Olive Oil. It is my go-to oil for stir-fry, as unlike Olive Oil, it can take the heat without breaking down and smoking.

Grapeseed Oil is a staple ingredient to any healthy pantry. You can find it on our shelves at `a la Maison in Baldwinsville. If you have any questions about Grapeseed Oil, and how to use it, please stop into the store for tips and recipe ideas.

Cheers to healthy cooking!


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