New at a la Maison… Napa Valley Naturals Organic Toasted Sesame Oil

Another great oil added to the shelves of `a la Maison is Napa Valley Naturals Organic Expeller Pressed Toasted Sesame Oil. It is made from sesame seeds that have been roasted at a low temperature for a rich and smooth sesame flavor. It’s unique flavor is the perfect choice for Asian inspired dressings, sauces andContinue reading “New at a la Maison… Napa Valley Naturals Organic Toasted Sesame Oil”

Mantel Makeover… Think Spring!

Living in Central New York, I get really excited when we have sunshine and 40 degree temperatures in January. This beautiful Saturday morning, I can see bits of grass peaking through as the snow melts! That was enough inspiration for me to redo the mantel to bring a breath of spring inside! Some white potteryContinue reading “Mantel Makeover… Think Spring!”

Cooking Healthfully with Napa Valley Naturals Grapeseed Oil

Napa Valley Naturals Grapeseed Oil is made from the seeds of grapes that have been crushed to make wine. This product supports environmental sustainability as it requires no new farmland, water or other natural resources to produce. Chef’s Choice: Not only ecologically responsible, Grapeseed Oil is also a very healthy choice and the ultimate everydayContinue reading “Cooking Healthfully with Napa Valley Naturals Grapeseed Oil”