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Healthy Eats… Classy Delites All-Natural Salsas, Dips and Tweeds are at `a la Maison

One of my great discoveries from the Atlanta Market and Gourmet Food Show was an incredible line of all natural salsas, dips and chips (Tweeds) from Classy Delites out of Austin, Texas. Tweeds are the perfect mix between indulgence and a healthy lifestyle – they are an all-natural gluten-free white corn tortilla chip made with flax seed and sesame seed and white corn…. full of fiber, omega 3’s, vitamins and minerals.

Dip these tasty chips in one of their fantastic salsas – we’ve got both the Mango Salsa and Aztec Salsa in stock. I’m pretty persnickety about my salsa and I’m very selective about what salsas actually make it to my shelves – I will say these are both winners.

One of my all-time favorites is their Italian White Bean Dip. A fabulous white bean dip with lemon, herbs, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes… I love the freshness that the lemon adds – positively delicious!

We will be sampling these products this weekend so stop into our Downtown store on your lunch hour on Friday; or visit us at the Bville store on Saturday from 11:00am – 2pm.


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