Look What We Found!

Would you believe this beautiful old antique oak mantel was tucked away in a contemporary home in Syracuse? This mantel, obviously from another house, just did not fit in with the contemporary style of the home, so we happily purchased it from the new homeowners. With a little paint and distressing, we will get itContinue reading “Look What We Found!”

Recipe of the Week… Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken Meatballs

We are attending a birthday dinner for one of our closest friends this weekend.  I am typically the go-to-girl to bring an appetizer and love whipping up something fun and different – so that is what I plan to do! As a girl with 3 stores – time can sometimes be a challenge, however, I loveContinue reading “Recipe of the Week… Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken Meatballs”

Living Beautifully… Custom Trees from `a la Maison

Adding greenery and an organic touch to your home can be tricky for busy families and professionals who don’t always have the time for consistent plant care. Don’t give up the beauty of plants and trees in your home – visit `a la Maison for an interior landscaping consultation for your living spaces.  We haveContinue reading “Living Beautifully… Custom Trees from `a la Maison”

Recipe of the Week – Chop Chop Mexican Olive Tapenade

One of the most versatile product lines in our store is To Market To Market’s Seasoning and Dip Mixes.  These all-natural dip and seasoning mixes are both sodium free and gluten free.  They are a pantry must for quick and easy home entertaining. Jack and the Bean Dip Seasoning is great in southwestern dips (bothContinue reading “Recipe of the Week – Chop Chop Mexican Olive Tapenade”