Quick tips for adding a breath of spring to your home this weekend!

Spring ahead and refreshen your home with a breath of the spring in just a day. These quick little projects will require minimum work & little investment… resulting in maximum return and instant satisfaction!

– Bring the lush, green look of spring trees indoors without committing to the care of an indoor tree – arrange artificial tree branches in a beautiful vase,
For added interest fill the bottom of the vase with acrylic water or river stones.
For added height, place the vase on a pedestal or tall piece of furniture.


– Lighten up a bedroom with new linens and bedding. One of the quickest way to change a bedroom is with new bedding. Lighten up room with white or soft yellow or green. Pastel botanicals are also a lovely choice.


– Make easy seasonal adjustments to your family room and living rooms by changing out heavy draperies, throw blankets and pillows. Bring it the light with shades of cream, beige and pastels. (Consider lighter fabrics such as linen or cotton… or adding organic texture with woven pillows in rattan or straw.





– Brighten kitchen and dining areas with pops of color. Replace fall/winter table cloths, placemats, napkins and kitchen towels with new brightly colored ones.


Bring a bit of nature to your walls, halls and entrways… add some botanical and floral artwork and wall decor.





Flowers shout spring! Bring in beautiful flowering branches, daffodils and any other blooms that make you happy. Fill and arrange a collection of vases on your fireplace mantel, dining table… add a pretty little spring flower arrangement to powder rooms and bedrooms too.





These quick and easy tips are sure to have your home spring ready!

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