Entertaining Simply `a la Maison… Super Bowl Party Hit – Slow Cooked Pulled BBQ Chicken Sliders

One of the best parts of the Super Bowl for me is the Super Bowl Party.  It’s a great opportunity to entertainment friends and family… and of course, eat some great food. This year, we have been invited over to our friend’s house for the Super Bowl.  With my crazy schedule, I wanted to pick […]

Entertaining Simply – Recipe of the Week… Lemon Raspberry Champagne Vinaigrette & Mixed Greens Salad

I can eat a salad every day and always serve one when I’m entertaining.  Here’s one of my healthy mixed greens salad: My Lemon Raspberry Champagne Vinaigrette Mixed Greens Salad Dressing 3 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 Tablespoons Raspberry Champagne vinegar 1 Tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice 1 Teaspoon lemon zest 1 Teaspoon honey […]

Cooking Healthfully… Delicious Uses for White Wine and Champagne Vinegar

Vinegar is used in cooking and baking; creating sauces, dressings and marinades: even to transform milk into a buttermilk. There are many types of vinegars including apple cider, red wine, balsamic and Champagne. Much like Champagne, Champagne vinegar is light-colored and delicately flavored.  Chardonnay grapes are typically used to make Champagne vinegar I love Champagne and chardonnay […]

Living Beautifully `a la Maison… Decorating with Framed Art

Framed artwork has the ability to immediately draw attention to a focal point/wall; add personality and infuse warmth in any room.  Here are some creative suggestions to consider when selecting and placing artwork in your home:   Bring the outdoors in with artwork inspired by nature. Paintings of trees, botanicals and landscapes can add beauty, […]

Giving Beautifully…Corkcicle’s Vinnebago

Vinnebago by Corkcicle is stylish stainless steel insulated beverage container – sort of a modern day canteen.  Vinnebago keeps your beverages perfectly chilled for 25 hours… yes, 25 hours!… and piping hot for 12 hours. Its versatility makes it one of my personal go-to gift options and a solid recommendation for customers looking for: Corporate […]