Decorating ABC’s… Accessories

Although certainly not the first step to decorating a room, accessories are probably the step that I have the most fun with. Accessories is a broad description and can include rugs; pillows & textiles; lamps; tabletop décor; wall art; floral arrangement & plants; candles and knick knacks… the list goes on and on.

Accessories can enhance the architecture and furnishings in a room, but more importantly, bring warmth and showcase your personal style.

• Add objects that reflect your personality – Fill a room with things you love, and it’s sure to be a room you love to be in.

• Explore unique display options – who says that china cabinet has to hold china – maybe it is the perfect accent piece to store linens in the bedroom. An old window frame could be a great place to hang a wreath over your fireplace mantel. An old wooden trough makes a great vessel for a floral arrangement for a long table or kitchen island.

• Group accessories in multiples to add significance and visual weight. A collection of candlesticks or pottery grouped together appears as one larger item in a room.

• Use symmetry with care. Symmetry can be overused, leaving a room with a very formal feel. For a more relaxed informal feel, place accessories in odd number groupings – asymmetrically.

• Choose accessories in colors that compliment your room – to blend accessories that tie to colors that are in the overall color scheme of the room, along with neutrals like metals, stone, and wood for a warm and inviting space.

• Add a touch of black – All rooms can benefit from a touch of black. It adds weight, drama and goes with everything! A beautiful lamp, painted wooden chair, framed art work – all can add elegance and drama to a room.

• Varying textures will create interest. Example – placing a rustic iron urn with a feathery maidenhair fern next to a silk chair.

• Add some sparkle – Crystal, glassware and metal are like the jewelry for a room. Nothing adds elegance like a beautiful crystal chandelier, glass vase filled with flowers or a pair of silver lamps.

• Think Seasonal – accessories can be easily changed/moved throughout the year to bring a seasonal touch to the room.

I hope you find these tips helpful in your next decorating project. Oh just one more thought… Have fun with it!






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